R6 vs CBR 600 RR

Yamaha R6 vs Honda CBR 600 RR


Yamaha R6 :

  • The new yamaha R6 is of light weight and powerful vehicle.
  • It comes with flow less response under all condition by new technology of fly by wire throttle.
  • Yamaha chip controlled intake  that is YCC-I.
  • It has new type of slippery back torque limiting clutch.
  • It gives good mileage too.
  • The ramped by YCC-T technology That is engine control unit.
  • Its a liquid cooled and titanium valved four cylinder engine.
  • The sub-frame made up of magnesium to reduce weight and increases the mass centralization.
  • Four way adjustable rear shocks.
  • It comes with a lap timer that is controlled by switch in right handlebar.
  • Optimized power out put in each gear for smooth and linear power delivery.
  • Fuel injection mapping by dual fuel injector system.
  • Fork height and rear ride adjustment as per our comfort.
  • It comes with large 2 front disc and rear disc.
  • It comes with a new attracting colors.
  • It comes with GP styled titanium muffler.
  • It comes with both digital and analog console that is digital speedometer,analog tachometer,dual trip meter one for kmph and other one for mph and with a temp gauge.

Honda CBR 600RR

  • The new  CBR 600 coming with ABS technology.
  • Its of a new generation looks with a multicolor.
  • The tank shell of plastic which protects the air box and the tank.
  • Its of fully digital console of odometer tachometer speedometer fuel gauge and with a clock.
  • The engine cowl with a fan helps in efficient cooling of engine.
  • Integrated ignition switch with fork lock  system for security.
  • Honda gave a maintenance free battery in the new model.
  • The CBR comes with two injector / cylinder in dual stage injection system.
  • It comes with a steering damper.
  • The central located tank for equal mass distribution.
  • The racing type central up exhaust system.
  • The new CBR 600 increased the mid range power.
  • The break  radial mounted mono block  4 piston front calipers.
  • It comes with anti theft alarm system.
  • It comes with many types new designed colors.
  • The line beam headlights with a multireflectors.


Yamaha R6 :

  • The 600 cc engine with 16 valve delivers a power of 127 ps @ 14500 rpm.
  • And a maximum torque of 65.8 Nm @ 11000 rpm.
  • It comes with a twin fuel injection system for higher compression ratio and for better throttle response.
  • For effective mass centralization the come up with a magnesium alloy sub frame.
  • The engine made with titanium valves and increased compression ratio.
  • They come with ECU which indicates the rider when he exceeds the specific speed or rpm .
  • The YCC -I components made in such way that they are reliable and maintenance free.
  • The YCC-I optimizes the effectiveness of the fuel injection system and delivers a high performance.
  • It comes with front fork adjustable by 2 way compression damping and rear shocks also 2 way adjustable compression damping as per the rider comfort.
  • It comes with front large dual disc and rear 220 mm disc so that it feel comfortable on breaking.
  • it has new balanced strength and rigid swinging arm.
  • For riding comfort the seats are designed in forward and lowered the position.
  • The body is designed aerodynamically to rush on the road.
  • Its well designed by new technologies and by good quality, the engine feels smooth on the ride which you can experience.
  • It of liquid cooled DOHC 16 valve 599 cc four stroke four cylinder  engines.

Honda CBR 600RR

  • The 599 cc engine delivers a maximum power of 118 hp @13500 rpm.
  • And a maximum torque of 66 Nm @ 11250 rpm.
  • To minimize the torque  reaction and for the smooth response at a little throttle changes they adopted IACV  idle air control valve.
  • For better fuel consumption and performance the come with new type of spark plug with iridium tip.
  • For extra cooling and for friction reduction oil jets are located beneath the pistons.
  • The non resonance knock sensor adopted to maintain optimum spark.
  • For quicker acceleration and to reduce the weight they come up with  nut less connecting rod.
  • For cam chain durability they adopted dual pivot tensioner.
  • The two stage ram-air system provides high volume of cool air to the air box for linear power delivery.
  • The light weight forged aluminum pistons incorporated with a shoot peening for extras strength.
  • Light weight Magnesium head cover are used.
  • Light weight aluminum steering damper for much more comfortable riding.
  • Radial mounted mono block  four piston rear break and a floating 310mm front break for excellent breaking.
  • And it comes with ABS that is anti breaking system for extra comfortable breaking.
  • For accurate breaking it comes with ECM control that is hydraulic actuated system.
  • Its with MOTO GP aerodynamic looks.

    Yamaha R6 :

    • Great handling.
    • It is yet faster.
    • good quality and reliable.

    Honda CBR 600RR

    • Excellent torque and performance.
    • Light in handling.
    • Good in styling.
    • Excellent chassis.


    Yamaha R6 :

    • Less storage space under seat
    • Wind blast

    Honda CBR 600RR

    • On long miles bit strains.
    • Lack in low end power delivery.
    • Spare parts are bit costly.


    Yamaha R6 :

    • It gives 35-40 mpg

    Honda CBR 600RR

    • It gives also 35-40 mpg


    HONDA CBR 600 RR
    C C 599 599
    TORQUE 65.8 N-M@11000rpm 66 Nm@11250rpm
    BHP 127 PS  @ 14500rpm 118 @ 13500rpm
    WHEEL BASE 54.3 INCH 1369 MM
    TYRE F 120×70 R 180X55 (alloy wh) F 120X70 R 180/55(alloy wh)
    MILEAGE 40 mpg 35-40 mpg
    PRICE 6,00,000 7,00,000


    • By Microman, March 6, 2010 @ 12:14 am

      It would be a real pleasure to have the option of buying these two locally in our Indian market. I sure wish that the govt. would relax the legislation to make this a reality. Rather than people going for the 1000cc at an exorbitant rate, this middle path would be very desirable.

    • By MANDY, March 20, 2011 @ 6:52 am

      I love r6, but why don’t it have ABs,, means if somebody is paying 600k for a bike, so that person deserves cutting edge technology, it must Traction control too

    • By amruthesh, March 28, 2011 @ 2:11 am

      I want to buy r6
      how to buy

    • By vikrant, January 3, 2013 @ 11:14 pm

      i think r6 is better than cbr..firstly i was thinking to buy cbr but now i came to know about r6….!!! what i want is a sports bike with good mileage

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